How to Prepare in Becoming a Keynote Speaker

To be invited to join other keynote speakers is one of the greatest privileges a person could have. Just think about it – from the dozens of possible choices, you were the one chosen to speak. It just proves that you have the needed performance and knowledge that many others are yet to attain, and that’s why you’ve been picked to become a keynote speaker.

Motivational SpeakerBecause of this, it is imperative for you to intensively prepare for your speech. People will never know how much you’ve achieved and they will never care about how you attained your success, unless you will open your mouth and tell them your story. And in presenting your story, it takes a lot of preparation for you to convey your message perfectly.

Here are some tips in preparing to become a keynote speaker:
• Know your purpose

this is something that all keynote speakers should keep in mind. This will be the basis on how your message will flow. Is your intention to inform, to persuade, to entertain, or to motivate?

• Evaluate the audience

be sensitive and try to know the interests, likes, goals, and fears of your target audience. Without proper evaluation of the target audience, you might end up focusing on yourself too much during your speech. Evaluating your audience will also save your listeners from awkwardness and boredom.

• Choose the right material

you need to get your facts from reliable sources, such as books and published journals, especially when you discuss topics related to science, nature, and the like. At the same time, you also need to get as much material as you can to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the points you’re going to make.

• Make an Outline

to easily say your points during your speech, you should organize them well. Though outlining might not be helpful during the actual performance, it will guide you and allow you to become sufficiently familiar with your speech. This will also make your speech concise yet comprehensive.

• Present facts

provide evidences that will prove your point. You can quote data from reliable sources, present pictures, or tell a true-to-life story to prove the accuracy your points.

• Make an attention-getting opening

openings are definitely crucial in speeches for these will set the mood of the audience, determining whether they will or will not listen to whatever you will say on the podium. Usually, openings are in interrogatory form to encourage the audience to think or reflect. Some also resort to start their speeches with a quote or a pick-up line so that the audience can become a bit more engaged.

• Have a conclusion

conclusions must answer the questions you presented in the speech’s opening. Aside from that, conclusions must serve as a summary of all the points you have presented. Remember, the conclusion should be just as attention-grabbing as the opening.

• Proofread your speech

that is why it is so important for keynote speakers to write all their speeches in paper, allowing them to easily spot errors or identify the need for additional information to be provided. You can also hire a proofreader to lighten your job.

• Take note of the time

you will be only given limited time to deliver your speech. Taking note of the time will allow you to present all the important points in your speech.

Speaking in public can be a gift but for most, it is a skill that needs to be honed. By following these simple but useful tips, you’ll be able to unleash your full potential and you might even become one of the best keynote speakers.

What are Custom Lanyards?

Custom lanyards are very common at schools, companies, and institutions. They serve as an identification and promotional device for students, employees, and members. They are also called the imprinted lanyards because most of them feature logos, texts, and designs.

Custom lanyardsCompanies make use of them during corporate events, meetings, and fairs. That is the time when they meet with other organizations. Wearing a lanyard with the logo and name of the company helps them introduce their products, services, and even their motto. Custom lanyards are made to help the customers choose their desired color, size, and design to better represent their identity.

Not all materials are suited for making custom lanyards. To come up with the best results, you must use nylon, polyester, and woven materials. Nylon lanyards are quite expensive, but they are considered to be of highest quality. They are suited for screen-printing because it can show even the smallest details of the logo. If you don’t want to sacrifice quality but you are on a tight budget, polyester is your best option. It is the most flexible lanyard material because it is suited for most printing techniques. This is the reason why it is the most popular among lanyard materials. Woven lanyards are almost of the same quality as their polyester-based counterparts. From the name itself, the letters and logos are woven into the material. This is what makes the lanyard very durable. The only disadvantage is that you cannot choose a complicated pattern because embroidery is only limited to simple designs.

Several organizations and institutions use custom lanyards because of certain advantages. One example is about the use of identification cards. Whenever an employee arrives at the office, he needs to swipe his ID to gain entry and to log his time. Without a lanyard, he might need to find it inside his bag or his pocket. It takes a lot of time, so having a lanyard is really convenient. Also, custom lanyards usually have the logo or name of the company on them, so the security personnel won’t have a hard time telling apart employees and visitors. Here are some other advantages of custom lanyards:

1 .  Companies may use them as a souvenir given to event attendees.

2.  Mottos and taglines can be printed on these accessories to promote the organization’s mission or goals.

3.  Employees attending a conference or convention may use custom lanyards to promote or introduce their company to other   attendees.

4.  Items attached to these cords can be easily and quickly used.

5.  These prevent items, especially gadgets, from getting accidentally   dropped.

6. Misplacing things won’t be a problem anymore with the help of these cords.

As said, custom lanyards can be considered as promotional items, bringing greater exposure to the company or business. What’s most important is that these accessories don’t require a massive investment. As long as the logo, name, motto, or tagline of the organization is clearly shown on the ID lanyard, it will be effective. Companies and businesses are not the only ones that can use custom lanyards, as schools, hospitals, and other public organizations also benefit from such cords. Lanyards can also be for personal use. Creative people can make their own designs, using those as a statement which shows their personality and beliefs.

Throughout the years, lanyards have proven their durability and usefulness to individuals and companies. They can rely on its effectiveness in marketing and also, in expressing oneself. Without a doubt, anything that’s printed on these cords get noticed by many people. So, it’s only logical to continue using custom lanyards to promote and share products, services, and even personalities.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Depository Safes

deposit-safes-open-patriotIf you are a business owner and your establishment requires your employees and customers to handle cash regularly, then it would be wise for you to buydepository safes.Purchasing them could be one of the best investments your company can make when it comes to security.

This type of safe has a unique feature that allows owners to drop money or other small items in them by inserting it through a small slot. The one who dropped the money into the box may not necessarily have access to what’s inside the box. The control of whatever is in the safe rests on the one that holds the key or the combination. This makes the cash or anything else dropped in the box secure.

Depository safes are especially useful for businesses that don’t have a lot of workers. Without this type of safe, a cashier, or someone in charge of collecting money, could never abandon her post because of security risks. Through this equipment, the personnel in charge of the money does not have to keep his eyes on the box all the time.

These safes are also made out of steel, like ordinary safes.Although they are usually lighter than regular ones, some of these safes are designed with holes at the bottom, which can be bolted to the ground to make them more secure.

Here are some things to consider when purchasing depository safes:

  1. Size–These safes come in different sizes to suit your office set-up and other business needs. The price range iscommonly according to size, but it is money well spent.You should take into account the size of the safe, especially if you require several compartments for different purposes.

The smallest ones have a single door. They can easily be bolted beneath a counter. You can use this to drop your cash, envelopes, night time deposits, and other valuables.

There are also dual-compartment types. These are bigger but can allow tellers to handle money in the bottom compartment without having access to the contents of the upper compartment.

  1. Drop slot – As mentioned above, what’s so special about depository safesis the addition of an open slot in which to insert your valuables. As with sizes, there are also different configurations of slots to consider.

The first one is called front loading drop, and is the most common. The drops are made through the upper front portion of the safe and the parcel falls into a secure chamber.

The second is the rear loading drop. As the name suggests, the opening is at the back side of the safe. This type is used on offices where the locking mechanism of the safe needs additional security. And so while the safe is secured in a locked room, only the back portion of it is exposed so that drops are made from the outside.

The third configuration is the top-loading rotary hopper. This is designed for bigger packages that are deposited on top of the safe. A rotating drum is slowly turned to drop the deposit.

  1. Lock – The locking mechanism of the safe is also an important consideration before purchasing. It will depend on the required level of security that you wish to implement in your company.

The first kind of lock is the combination lock. This is the most common and reliable, but one disadvantage is you have to bring the safe back to the manufacturer for a reset if ever the combination is forgotten or lost or if it is revealed to unaccepted people.

A more advanced type of lock is the electronic keypad lock. It permits quick access and can be reprogrammed right there and then if ever the security codes are compromised. The bad side is that the codes can be easily acquired or hacked in some way.

Another type is the dual-key lock. Dual-key means that there are two keys needed to lock and unlock the safe. Each key is held by two different people. This method gives better security as long as the two persons don’t conspire in stealing the contents of the safe.

These are three things to consider when purchasing depository safes. Happy shopping!